• Privacy Policy

    Dynamics Stream Software Solutions respects the privacy of everyone who visits our website. We are focused on preventing your personal information while you use our website. This privacy disclaimer informs you of the information we collected about you due to your usage of our website. When we collect this information, we act as a data controller; legally, we must give you details about our company, including what we do with your information and your rights over your data.

    We may retrieve your personal information for various reasons, such as when you offer up a quotation proposal via the Contact Us page or apply for any job position with Dynamics Stream via our Careers page, among others. We capture personal data such as your IP address, visited page/category, geographic location, source, operating system, duratio n, landing URL, search phrase, and browser version when you explore our website.

    We may also collect additional information if you identify yourself by filling out forms, such as the contact forms, download or sign up forms (such as which pages you browse on our sites or what you downloaded). It will be linked to your data.

    The information you're providing us may be collected outside the European Economic Area; however, it will always be kept safe and in agreement with UK data protection / GDPR. By communicating with us online, you understand and appove of our usage of personal information in this manner.

    Reasons to Collect Information

    • To educate more about how people use our website, we monitor the data.
    • We compile data to evaluate the efficiency of marketing efforts, content, and advertising.
    • We capture personal information when you fill out a web form or contact us directly with a request for detailed information to respond.
    • We acquire personal and business information when you purchase and utilize our products or services. We provide our services and send you critical corporate announcements and operational data for contractual and legal reasons.
    • Our website does not allow visitors to interact with one another or publish anything that other visitors can see.

    Disclosure of Personal Information: Before using or sharing your personal information for purposes other than those for which it was initially acquired, Dynamics Stream will ask for your permission.

    How we Use Information

    • Webinar: If you enroll for a Dynamics Stream webinar, we may use your contact information to contact you with relevant notifications and track your webinar attendance.
    • Marketing Asset: If you asked for a marketing asset or joined a Dynamics Stream marketing event, we may use your personal information to contact you with exciting news and assess our marketing efforts' efficacy.
    • Google Analytics: We utilize Google Analytics to track the efficiency of our marketing activities and analyze the performance of our websites. We use Google Analytics to analyze the data, but no individually defining information is collected or retained.
    • Email Marketing: We may use your business contact information and company address to send you marketing messages such as email marketing and direct mail if you are a client, partner, or prospect.

    You can opt-out of receiving email marketing content from us by visiting the Dynamics Stream Email Marketing opt-out page or writing to us at info@dynamicsstream.com

    Any of your personal information is not shared with the companies named below.

    1. Google Adwords
    2. Bing Ads
    3. Google's display ads
    4. Google Remarketing
    5. LinkedIn Ads

    Other Websites' Links

    You may also receive generalized connections to other websites from us. The privacy policies of the third parties affect your use of these links, and you should familiarize yourself with those policies before using them. The privacy policies or the content of the other websites are not the responsibility of Dynamics Stream.

    Data security

    To protect your Personal Information, Dynamics Stream implements feasible and relevant industry-standard security guidelines and rules, including administrative, physical security, and technical measures.

    Maintenance of Data

    Dynamics Stream may preserve your personal information if there is a business need or if relevant laws demand it.

    Accessibility and Privacy Concerns

    If you have any queries about this Privacy Policy or how Dynamics Stream manages your personal information, you may reach us at info@dynamicsstream.com

    Privacy Policy Updates

    Dynamics Stream has the right to change its data privacy policies and adjust this guideline as needed, posted on the website.