Microsoft Dynamics 365 HUMAN RESOURCES

Enhance your human resource operations, enable your organization to be more dynamic, and gain expertise in your employees.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources A Powerful HR Solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources (formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent) handles your most valuable asset: your staff. The solution manages all relevant operations, from recruiting and onboarding through administration and Human Capital Management (HCM) analytics, emphasizing people. Functionalities and possibilities of Dynamics 365 Human Resources, such as connectivity with LinkedIn, Microsoft Power BI dashboards, and engaging analytics, guarantee that human resource management is maximized. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources, as a specific platform, integrates information barriers, enabling data-driven strategic planning, and reinforces a collaborative environment, improvement, and visibility - all to create the HR department a hub of operational efficiency and employee engagement.


Dynamics 365 Human Resources Features & Capabilities

Maximize Organizational Efficiency

    • Integrate with additional best-of-breed HR tools, such as payroll, talent acquisition, recruitment, and LinkedIn, to create the most delicate HCM infrastructure for your needs.

    • Minimize business difficulty with HR management that effectively incorporates organizational structures, classifications, employee data, and job descriptions.

    • Increase efficiency and performance by automating procedures, operations, and task management.

    • Enhance business excellence with the security, confidentiality, and accountability of Microsoft Azure-based human capital management.

    • Despite of your expertise of mechanical ability, you can modify and enhance Dynamics 365 Human Resources by leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform.


Enhance HR Processes

    • Develop efficient and effective solutions that are simply adjustable to changing global requirements.

    • Build compensation plans based on established parameters that can be quickly altered individually or bulk to optimize company-wide rollouts.

    • Enhance benefits management with customizable, adaptable self-service enrollment solutions that support life events, pyramids, variable credits, and auto-enrolled.

    • Integrate with payroll suppliers and use Dynamics 365 Finance for entire operational expenditure management to deliver payroll, budgeting, and tax filings.

    • To handle your end-to-end recruitment experience, integrate with current talent acquisition systems such as LinkedIn Talent Solutions.


Improve Employee Experiences

    • Enables employees to quickly see time off balances and submit leave requests by integrating with Microsoft Teams.

    • Facilitate employee connections by providing detailed employee profiles that include professional achievements, capabilities, certifications, and preferences.

    • Provide your employees fast access to employee accounts, training, performance analysis, target setting, and time-off requests.

    • Enhance management productivity and empower them in completing HR activities more efficiently with simple team performance and feedback monitoring, as well as industrial process automation for regular procedures.

    • Employee development can be enhanced through training and certification tracking.


Explore Workforce Analytics

  • Analyze HR information using Microsoft Power BI

    Optimize the planning process with rich Power BI dashboards, which enable you to organize, evaluate, and display your human resources information from any device.

  • Make use of advance analytics

    Leverage integrated analytics to monitor and evaluate HR efforts to make reliable recommendations.

  • Utilize Microsoft Dataverse to organize data

    Minimize complication by organizing data with a Common Data Service and connecting Human Resources with current systems and partner apps.

  • Collect Employee Feedback with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

    Leveraging Dynamics 365 Customer Voice survey results, you can build the more cooperative environment by collecting the employee feedback.


Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

We at Dynamics Stream can support you in integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources to achieve advantages across HR activities, from onboarding to performance review.

  • Automate & Optimize onboarding & other HR Procedures

  • Improve staff efficiency by reducing time to recruit and creating priorities

  • Increase employee productivity through effective incentive & appraisal management

  • Develop connections to promote a healthy and productive working atmosphere.

  • By automating typical operations, HR can spend more time on important projects.


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