Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Get the Transparency, Interaction and Flexibility to accelerate your project-Centric Business.

Enhance Project Productivity and Efficiency with Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations is the latest Dynamics 365 powerful solution (launched in October 2020) developed to help with all project management attributes. Dynamics 365 Project Operations provides capabilities & insights required to streamline operation of projects & assure that they are executed successfully on time & within budget, supporting every step of project from tender to final invoicing. Dynamics 365 Project Operations integrates sales, resources, project management, and finance into a single platform to assist you in gaining more revenue & completing projects rapidly and profitably. Enhance Project Operations by integrating the Microsoft Power Platform with your current systems. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations offers businesses to organize & establish priorities. Assure precise project management and allow your accounting staff to invoice projects on a time-&-materials or fixed-price basis. Allow your employees to monitor project time efficiently & improve staff efficiency.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations Features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations offers features & capabilities designed to integrate all areas of project-based services. Your staff has access to all the information & real-time analytics required to complete projects on time & under budget.

Managing Opportunities

Maintain a record of potential sales possibilities, related expenditures, & estimated profits. This allows you to be organized for new contracts ahead of time & respond fast.

Team Coordination

Throughout the project, project participants can disclose information to stakeholders and clients with extra licenses in a shared and protected workplace. This enhances the project flow's usability and the process's productivity.

Project Planning

A dashboard displays the prospective or customer's cost, duration, & value. The embedded Microsoft Project workplace offers convenient planning & management solutions.

Time & financial Management

Quickly track project time and costs so that they may be accurately invoiced or cost. All employees may precisely manage their project time and expenditures for specified activities & deliverables & develop inter-organizational & Resource Unit-based billing.

Resource Planning

Dynamics 365 Project Operations renders all resources visible so that the optimum possible workforce (in terms of talent, budget, accessibility, and so on) may be allocated to the project in each circumstance. Furthermore, resource requirements may be estimated, and project performance can be maximized.

Customer Invoicing

Project Operations enables project managers to monitor, analyze, and confirm all project-related expenditures before billing the client. The position allocated to the resource determines project expenses and billing.


Benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations

  • Single Platform

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations is developed on the same platform as other Microsoft business application products so that you don't build different data silos. It can utilize solutions like Microsoft 365 for communication and collaboration.

  • Time Tracking & Talent Pyramid for Self-service

    Allow your staff to effortlessly track project times & keep their skills up to date in their employee profiles. Offer appropriate and engaging activities to your team to enhance employee productivity and data quality.

  • Improved Productivity via Managing Projects

    Projects can be managed more easily using integrated, user-friendly Microsoft Project tools like Kanban boards & Gantt charts.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Project Operations empowers employees to offer customers up-to-date budget and time information by using multiple modes of communication and precise forecasts.

  • Protect resources

    The planning and asset management features provide real-time resource availability and distribution visibility. Administrators will quickly realize which assets are accessible and how to utilize them effectively, and estimation will intelligently predict when resources will be in demand.