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Augment your team with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Technology professionals in less than 2 weeks to start working on your project

Discover the edge of excellence with Dynamics Stream's Microsoft Dynamics 365 Resource Augmentation services. Gently augment your team with skilled professionals proficient in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics 365 supply chain, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, and Power Platform. Our Development Engineers, Technical Consultants, Functional Consultants, Project Managers, and solution architects can cater to the needs of startups, SMEs, and enterprises across the UAE, UK, KSA, and USA offering unmatched competency, quality, and support.

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Accelerate Your Business Growth with Dynamics Stream's Staff Augmentation Solutions

Augment Your IT Capabilities

Bridge the IT skills gap with our IT staff augmentation services. Our skilled professionals bolster your IT capabilities, drive innovation, and ensure seamless system operations, enabling you to stay ahead in the digital landscape.


Access Unique expertise


Optimize development cost


Remote flexibility


Move to the Faster

Elevate Your Business Central Implementation

Experience seamless integration and enhanced functionality with our Microsoft Dynamics Business Central implementation resources. We streamline your processes, boost productivity, and ensure a smoother transition to Business Central.


Move to the Faster CLoud


Boost Sales and Services


Increase Performance


Accelerate Sales Processes

Drive Efficiency in Finance and Operations

Empower your finance and operations teams with our dedicated resources. We provide insights, streamline processes, and ensure compliance, helping you make informed decisions and drive growth with our Microsoft Dynamics finance and operation implementation resources.


Enhance Financial Decision making


Automate Business Processes


Create Impact and reduce cost


Decrease Global Risk

Optimise Your Supply Chain Operations

Transform your supply chain with our expert resources. From inventory management to supplier collaboration, we help you optimise operations, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction with our Microsoft Dynamics supply chain implementation resources.


Streamline warehouse operations


Build an Intelligent Factory


Maximize Asset Productivity

Streamline HR and Payroll Processes

Our remote solutions ensure efficiency and compliance in your HR and payroll functions. Our resources and staff augmentation streamline processes, mitigate risks, and empower your workforce, fostering a positive work environment.


Transform Employee Experience


Optimize HR Programs


Increase Organizational Agility

Enhance Sales and Marketing with CRM Solutions

Maximise your sales and marketing efforts with our CRM resources. From lead generation to customer retention, we help you build stronger relationships, drive revenue, and achieve your business objectives with our Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation resources.


Win new customers through teamwork


Accelerate revenue with AI


Predict and manage pipeline

Why Choose Dynamics Stream?

Dynamics Stream stands out as a reliable choice for Microsoft Dynamics 365 support, with a dedicated team offering comprehensive assistance for Dynamics 365 Business Central support, supply chain, finance, operations, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM implementation support. Our certified consultants bring over 300 successful migrations and upgrades, ensuring secure, cost-effective solutions tailored to your business needs.


Migration Security


Certified Microsoft Partner


Experienced Consultants


Cost-Effective Solutions


Comprehensive Support

Dynamics Stream Resource Augmentation Strategies

At Dynamics Stream, we excel in facilitating seamless Microsoft Dynamics 365 upgrades and migrations, employing proactive methods to ensure the secure and reliable transfer of your data. Our approach ensures a systematic transition from your current state to the new system, minimizing disruption and ensuring data integrity.

  • Elevated Secure Remote IT Support Delivery
  • Seamless Remote-to-Remote IT Support
  • Dynamic Remote Connection to Your Devices
  • Tailored Customization Craftsmanship
Migration Security & Reliability:

At Dynamics Stream, we prioritise the security and reliability of your data while offering the best Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization Support and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Migration Support. Our consultants employ proactive methods to ensure a smooth transition, safeguarding your valuable information throughout the process.

Certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 Resource Augmentation partners:

As an authorised gold partner for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Functional Support and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Technical Support, Dynamics Stream brings extensive expertise and over a decade of experience to every project. From IT staff augmentation consulting to Microsoft Dynamics Resource Augmentation Support, our team provides holistic services tailored to your business needs.

Experienced Consultants with 300+ Migrations & Upgrades:

With over 300 successful migrations and upgrades, our experienced consultants offer unmatched proficiency in reducing total ownership costs for your Dynamics 365 solutions. We streamline operations and optimise investments by eliminating the need for infrastructure investment, upgrade and maintenance costs, and dedicated IT resources. We guarantee cost effective support, but not compromise on quality.

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Ready to Transform Your Business in the Digital Landscape?

Discover how our round-the-clock, top-rated support team can provide the perfect resource from our in-house pool of 300+ well-trained professionals, specialising in Dynamics 365 Resource Augmentation Services.

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4.2 Top-rated care

Dynamics Stream possesses extensive expertise in Microsoft ERP and CRM, delivering tailored solutions that cater to our specific business requirements. Their knowledge has significantly enhanced our operations and customer relationship management. I enthusiastically endorse Dynamics Stream as a Microsoft service provider for Business Central and CRM. Their holistic solutions, exemplary customer service, and technical proficiency position them as a trusted partner for success with Microsoft's business solutions.

Dynamics Stream effectively executed the implementation of D365 Business Central in accordance with my specifications, demonstrating excellent planning. Their post-implementation support is noteworthy. The team is diligent, responsive, and committed to addressing any issues or inquiries promptly. I highly endorse them for ERP implementation.

Dynamics Stream serves as our reliable ally for ERP implementation and support. Their proficiency, professionalism, and unwavering dedication have optimized our processes, leading to improved operational efficiency. Their exceptional support consistently addresses our evolving requirements. Thanks to Dynamics Stream, we've embraced data-driven decision-making and witnessed enhanced business performance. We wholeheartedly endorse them as a trustworthy ERP implementation partner.

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