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Why to Switch to Dynamics 365 Business Central from Dynamics GP?

Microsoft Dynamics GP has been around for over 20 years and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is Microsoft’s ERP. Both systems are geared to manage core finances for small and medium-sized businesses, but they also have some key differences.

Having said that, Dynamics 365 Business Central – Microsoft’s cloud ERP befitting to the SMB market is becoming quite popular as some common factors influence GP customers to migrate to Business Central.

Significantly 3 primary reasons for Dynamic GP customers switching to Business Central:-

1. The Cumulative Cost of Ownership & Value

Even without exerting much mental effort, the popularity of Business Central is increasing in terms of numbers; such as:
•    Foresee annual costs: You will observe that the costs with SaaS each year are more or less consistent when you are not frequently adding new users.
•    Minimal IT staff: The requirement of dedicated IT staff is negligible.
•    Remain Updated & Upgraded: The provision to always be on the current version is included in the subscription. Any more upgrades would be superfluous.

2. Additional Benefits

The need for more functional capabilities and productivity-enhancing features is felt with the growth in operational activities. But all the required features may not be available in Dynamics GP on-premises regardless of the version currently in operation. Nevertheless, some important elements raise the bar of success for customers who initiate the move are as follows:

•  Introduction to a Fully Loaded Microsoft Bouquet: Obviously, the close integration with Office 365 potentially affects a significant shift for businesses that are already exposed to Office. For instance, Business Central’s Outlook integration helps users to create Sales Orders in their ERP directly from their E-mail. The Business Central inherently gives an opportunity to many GP customers to take advantage of the built-in analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) tools for improved visibility and decision making.

•  Access to Innovative& Advanced Functionality: GP customers can access to a more advanced functionality of Business Central which they hitherto did not even imagine, like multi-company consolidation and inter-company transfers, etc.


The transition to the Dynamics 365 cloud from GP is like twilight in terms of cost and efficiency. Many Dynamics GP customers have justifications for switching over; like lower overhead costs, automatic upgrades and fast performance to replace their current on-premise system as they find the remote connectivity and slow performance are very grave factors for such a move.

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