• What it Pays to Transform your Professional Services Organization with Field Service?

    Improving customer satisfaction and simultaneously improving resource productivity is quite challenging.

    There are various reasons for decreasing productivity levels. For example, you have spent a lot of time with the customer only to make them happy or you tried to get few more appointments each day, this can also compromise on work quality and customer engagement if you don’t have a reliable system at place.

    In the era of digital transformation, it is crucial for professional service firms to deliver seamlessly and end to end service experience to the customers. Dynamics 365 for Field Service Management helps you resolve issues beforehand, reduce operational costs, and deliver the positive onsite experience. The connected field service has many advantages for owing to its features like-

    • Remote monitoring of devices enables addressing issues at a faster rate
    • Offers central view for product usage, and repair history
    • Identify under-performing or faulty equipment beforehand
    • Reduction in costs by dispatching the right technician or consultant only when needed
    • Real-time analysis helps to proactively prevent breakdowns
    • Customer satisfaction levels are improved with reduced downtime

    When organizations transform digitally the typical onsite care experience turns into positive customer engagements. The organization builds loyalty, encourage brand promotion, and improve their bottom line.

    Here are the top four ways how Dynamics 365 for Field Service Management helps to transform your service firm:

    • Customer relationship as first priority:

    Over the past decade, there is a dramatic shift in business and customer relationship. The quality of service delivering is more important to consumers than their loyalty to the brand. To achieve this, technology has given companies a direct point of contact with customers that make it easier for companies to provide personalized service they seek.

    • Make service provides as your marketers:

    Offering positive customer experience multiplies customer and referrals. Your consultant and technicians are some of your best marketers and salespeople. Most of the customer interaction happens with them. Hence an interaction which exceeds customer expectations helps in building valuable relationships, capturing new leads or opportunities in the field.

    • Better management of inventory:

    You are able to manage inventory and stock across locations, including warehouses, depots, and trucks. The real-time inventory helps you to track your service stock for fewer write-offs, and create better forecasts.

    • Simplified contract management:

    Easier to manage and maintain service contract and installed product accuracy using field service management software. With more visibility, you drive faster and accurate billing while helping field service teams identify new sales opportunities driving additional revenue.

    Connected field service can help you achieve higher customer satisfaction and an increase in consultant & technician productivity. 

    Let us know if we can solve in your Field Service for Professional Services questions today.