• Microsoft Power BI Turn Industry Data into Smart Decisions

    Power Business Intelligence can be used within your organization with Office 365. It is long known fact that Power Business Intelligence is fused in Office 365 where it is offered licensed either with individual sign up or assignment. You can control license assignment or can allow users to sign up as an individual.

    Power Business Intelligence solution works with Office 365 to analyze and visualize data in a self-service way. The Business Intelligence solution is designed to help business users gain insights from their data and includes various functionalities. The key to moving businesses forward is ensuring they have access to the right tools, no matter their size. With Power Business Intelligence you get another way to see what’s going on across your business. It’s big data for small business.

    Key features of how Power BI turns industry data into smart decisions:

    • You can use the business insights to look for any opportunities or inconsistencies. This will save your valuable time for exploring anything worth investigating.
    • You get to analyze your data of business metrics including cash position, revenue vs. expenses, profit loss trend, debtor days and return on investment at greater speed, efficiency, and understanding.
    • With Power BI Q&A answers you receive answers in the form of charts and graphs where the question is itself asked in natural language.
    • Power BI allows users to create and share rich interactive reports among team members and colleagues. Power BI simplifies data to insights cycle from both the adoption and cost perspective.
    • Power BI has a higher adoption rate as its user interface resembles that of Microsoft Excel making it easy to navigate for first-timers. With Microsoft’s Data Acquisition & Transformation tool, you can extract data from different data sources, and load the results.

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