• Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your Nonprofit Organization & Charities

    The nonprofit organizations often work on tight budgets while managing grants, finances and coordinating projects. This can be challenging to make room for essential tools like enterprise software when resources are squeezed. Technology is typically a challenge, although the right technology can save money.

    Dynamics 365 for non-profit will increase productivity and serve communities with new ways of working. Coming to non-profit, the core operations are fundraising and budgeting resources while reaching across communities with a volunteer, donors, and members.

    Dynamics 365 is an enterprise solution that sees the value of non-profits and reflects the need for ERP & CRM functionalities.

    Let us now see what Dynamics 365 Nonprofit has in store for non-profits

    • Nonprofit complete focus: Program delivery, awards, donations, fundraising, grant management
    • Project management to manage cost and share with multiple stakeholders through the portal
    • Campaign management for helping to target new donors, AI to provide insights on revenue, expenses, budgets, etc.
    • Mobile application to perform a transaction and consume data insights in a remote location
    • Approval workflow and alerts for performing task proactively

    Along with this, Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers affordable and innovative cloud solutions to tackle nonprofits' challenges. One can leverage a customized Dynamics 365 tool to forge deeper donor relationships and break fundraising records.

    At Dynamics Stream Dubai, we provide solutions to power core nonprofit processes with Azure, Office 365Power BI, and more. We also provide training and learning paths so nonprofit employees can use technology to drive greater impact. 

    To experience the Nonprofit with sample data, contact our sales person or reach us here.