• Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Education Industry

    There’s no doubt that with the penetration of information technology in everyday lives of people, we have started relying on computers for several jobs. The ease of communication and information gathering has made learning process more efficient.

    Managing a school or a university is a complex task that requires a large workforce, the right ERP solution can simplify and improve the process. The advantages of enterprise solution for education sector starts from its cost effectiveness for maintaining an efficient system. It lets you save immense amount of human efforts and reduces the lead time, which in turn leaves you with more energy and time to focus on the aspect that requires more attention- Education.

    In the latest announcement, Microsoft has announced higher education accelerator for Dynamics 365 which enables ISVs and other solution provider to quickly build industry vertical solutions. Microsoft is focused on enabling a data culture where the Microsoft Power Platform acts as the glue across Dynamics 365 (CRM, Finance & Supply Chain and Talent), Office 365 (SharePoint, Teams), Power BI, Power Apps, Microsoft Flow, Azure and other 3rd party on-premise and cloud based solutions.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Education sector

    Many educational institutes favor Dynamics 365 as one get the benefit of integrating numerous technologies for better custom designed education. Some of the key features of Dynamics 365 in Education are-

    •    Integration with Office365
    •    Performance tracking tools
    •    Integration with Microsoft apps
    •    On-premise & cloud based model

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 pushes consistent and higher levels of efficiency with improved workflow tools that enable inter-departmental collaboration. Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps enable education institutions to-

    •    Work well by collaborating between staff, students, alumni and IT cell.
    •    Gives an enhanced and better integration with Microsoft business applications.
    •    With Microsoft Dynamics 365 scheduling tasks, tracking employees, and planning workload is simple.
    •    Designed for future growth in order to ensure more and emerging technologies.
    •    Support and monitors the communications and interactions as per guidelines and performances.
    •    Proper administration between faculties, parents, regulatory agencies, and students.

    If you are looking to use Dynamics 365 in Education industry, we are always here to help you.