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Investments in Machine Learning, AI, and IoT are fueling digital supply chain transformations. Let’s check how?

There is a fast digital transformation happening in every aspect of the supply chain. As manufacturers are investing in smart technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and more, the distant dream of smart factories of smart warehouses and smart transportation has become the reality now. Many manufacturing giants are using more connected & intelligent systems and devices. These completely changed the way companies’ senses and perceive the market signals. 

As the partner in the digital transformation journey, we continue to explore new trends in technology. It is, therefore, we have partnered with Microsoft for offering BI powered Dynamics 365 range of solutions.

We are living in an era where machine learning algorithms & apps running on them helps you to reduce the bottlenecks, implement demand-based decisions, and improve maintenance. A cloud-hosted app is capable of analyzing large, diverse data sets fast, improving demand forecasting accuracy.

Another example is of the “connected enterprise” in manufacturing units that collects real-time signals which are useful for retailers, eCommerce consumers and channel partners. This collected data is useful for continuous evaluation and responding to real-time responses from their warehouses, transportation fleets, and factories.

To add further, this collected data is used by firms to automate business decisions, reducing errors and increasing productivity across a broad range of operations from ordering, expediting, pricing and others. Therefore, supply chain digitalization occurs at the intersection of real-time visibility and intelligent automation.

For understanding latest inventory, including last-mile visibility for inventory in motion such as on truckloads, as well as last-inch visibility for inventory at rest in warehouses, stores or factories, IoT plays a vast role. IoT not only helps in tacking inventory but also trace the quality levels during deployment. 

Summing up!

Though the opportunities with IoT, machine learning and AI are huge, cloud technology is a necessity for companies to grow faster. The AI & ML- driven solutions are a cognitive solution that requires the power of cloud technology. Cloud technology is certainly an economical advantage to this approach and there is no longer a need for companies to invest in infrastructure to support peak capacity year-round, which is why AI and ML applications are more leaning toward a SaaS or cloud deployment.

At Dynamics stream, we are we’ve partnered with Microsoft for offering SaaS, PaaS & IaaS solutions on the market-leading Microsoft Azure platform. The combined power of Microsoft Azure’s cloud services enables a real-time network of systems, cognitive algorithms and data sets that can be continuously updated, IoT sensors and big-data providers of weather, loyalty information, news, events and more that further fuels manufacturers’ digital supply chain transformations.

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Features of Dynamics 365 Business Central

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