• Industry insight of enterprise resource planning software

    Enterprise resource planning software and customer relationship management software are the two backbone of every business today. Gone are the days, when a common CRMERP software was used across every vertical of business.

    Business needs have altered and to remain in this ever-changing competitive market customized software is always better to have. Because the working of every business is different and their approach to customer service varies, hence using diverse technology helps the business.

    There is advent in the technologies that are used with ERP software. Let’s take a look which technologies are dominating the business front. Here are the top five dominating business technology that are reshaping industries worldwide.

    Internet of Things (IoT)

    An ERP is the heart of any business and when it is integrated with ERP software, it does wonder in streamlining your business process. Microsoft IoT solution gives you a tool to take advantage of available data, just like Dynamics 365 software range. As Dynamics 365 software combines ERP & CRM functionalities, the field service module functionality connects with Microsoft IoT solution.

    Artificial intelligence (AI)

    The cognitive services integrated with Microsoft Dynamics software range. Though it is a relatively new phenomenon, the possibilities add limitless opportunities in the coming future. If we see the current scenario, AI offers deeper insight into your data.

    Furthermore, there is no need for data scientists and developers to understand and analyze the data that you’ve got.

    The nuts and bolts argument is that whether businesses will be able to use AI to the fullest use? There is yet another aspect of blockchain that is drawing board for ERP software. While more companies are adapting blockchain, the inclusion of this technology is much in the hype.

    Blockchain centralizes all data that allows business to gain full control of the inner operations and make informed decisions which are crucial for seamless functioning of all business sectors.

    Summing up!

    The ERP service providers are slowly realizing the impact of the recent technological advancement in ERP & CRM software. All this enables the business to function in a unified ecosystem and allows growing resources at a much faster rate.