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How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Impoves Retail Sector

The world is changing and so does retail industry. It may seem impossible for traditional retailers to defend their very existence, it is no longer all that complicated to keep up with current trends. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 in your pocket, you get opportunities to provide optimal, personal service to the changing customer and stay ahead of the competition.

As digitization stresses on how important it is for customers to receive appropriate personal offers, it is equally important to be able to order products quickly and easily.

To meet both needs, two specific components are merged effectively in Microsoft Dynamics 365: an ERP system to ensure processes are agile and a CRM system to handle the relational aspect. As a retailer, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 you get a complete overview of each customer, allowing you to see instantly when a customer buys a product online and when they buy it in the store. In addition, the software also shows the number of transactions through all sales channels.

Retailers who work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 have access to the functionality they need to do business through different sales channels. Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, retailers are able to solve the inventory problems.

They get a complete overview of the entire purchasing process, from ordering to check-in and storage, and from e-commerce to warehouse management. Employees immediately know when the inventory of an online sales channel needs to be replenished. Also, the inventory in physical stores can quickly be assigned to an online channel.  This helps to predict how much they will sell in the future and when new inventory needs to be ordered.

The support Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations provides is the option to achieve solid, efficient control of the inventory issue. In addition, it also secures your position on the market. So why waiting, get Microsoft Dynamics 365 now!

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