• How is Dynamics 365 useful in Healthcare?

    Healthcare is one of the fast-growing industry verticals across the globe. Many healthcare companies provide medical services, manufacture medical equipment, drugs, medical insurance and other facilities related to the well-being of patients. In a service industry such as healthcare, providing exceptional customer service is imperative. People just don’t want numbers, rather a relationship with their healthcare provider.

    With Dynamics 365 you get the functionality of virtual hospital where services are available from home and outside the hospital. This increases healthcare service overall performance! As the popularity of virtual hospital is growing rapidly with over 300,000 visits per month, treating patients is like training them, helping them make a choice, for which kind of treatment is best for them.

    Microsoft has been able to understand the kind of services and tools a healthcare provider would need so as to cope up with the digital healthcare services. Dynamics 365 transforms processes from hospital-centric to more customer-centric process. Data resides on Azure cloud and you can use Dynamics 365 services for customers so that every patient can see all their health care data.

    Among all the biggest benefit of Dynamics 365 in the healthcare industry is that patients can take care of themselves. Compared to the traditional way, one doctor can see five times the number of patients in one day than they were able to attend before.

    Working with Dynamics 365 technology tailored to healthcare providers, Dynamics Stream’s goal is to make sure that the process in the healthcare industry is simple, robust and affordable.