• How employee progress is tracked in an organization with Dynamics 365 for Talent?

    Under the huge array of strategies to develop employees when they are recruited in any company, there comes the most important management concept that is competency management.

    Competencies are the critical skills, knowledge, and attitudes that a jobholder must have to perform effectively. A competent individual will be more able to contribute effectively to the business almost as soon as they are appointed. Most competency frameworks cover the following categories:

    • Communication Skills
    • People Management
    • Team Skills
    • Customer Service Skills
    • Results-Orientation
    • Problem-Solving Skills

    Next comes the concept of goal management. According to research, a goal should have SMART objectives:

    • Specific:  it is clear what is meant by objective
    • Measurable: it will be possible to assess the extent to which the objective has been meeting.
    • Achievable: the objective represents something that can be implemented in the real world and can be met by the resources available
    • Relevant: the objective is linked to the organization’s overall work outcome.
    • Timely: delivery of the objective is linked to a specific date

     When a team starts working on the project, next comes the performance review. Of course, each team member must know their performance throughout the project. Performance assessment is ‘the regular and systematic review of performance and the assessment of potential with the aim of producing action programs to develop both work and individuals’. It aims to improve the efficiency of the organization by ensuring that the individual employees are performing to the best of their abilities and by developing their potential for improvement.

    Later based on the performance reviews a development plans is set. A personal development plan is a ‘clear developmental action plan for an individual that incorporates a wide set of developmental opportunities including formal training’.

    During their career, employees are increasingly encouraged to manage their own development. In consultation with management, they might be asked to set up personal development plans whereby they set targets and propose actions/activities to achieve them. Development is more general than training, is more forward-looking and orientated towards the individual, and is concerned with enabling the individual to fulfill his or her potential.

    Summing up!

    All this is possible with the features and functionalities of Dynamics 365 for Talent. The HRMS software is suitable for all types of organizations who need a robust system in human resource domain. You can always contact Dynamics streams Dy365 for talent experts for any queries and questions.