• How Dynamics 365 Helps To Streamline Hospitality Industry Process?

    Hospitality is one of the difficult business to be in. With customer expectation growing day by day due to endless options, hospitality companies find difficult to retain customer and at the same time earn good margins due to complex supply chain operations.

    Also, quality standards expected by the hospitality sector are high and hence to fulfilling them can be a bit challenging. Dynamics 365 helps to integrate the front and back office with ease. The back-office administration along with in-depth business analysis and reporting lets you report revenue and KPI in real-time and accurately track costs.

    You get a single point of financial related information at your fingertip which is integrated with front & back-office workflows. Dynamics 365 allows you to unify financial and operations and drives new operational efficiencies and support future innovations while predicting growth.

    Here are some of the key benefits, why Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the right choice for your business -

    • 360-degree view of the entire business
    • Controllers can refer to visual information and access to cost data to adjust rapidly to changing market demands.
    • Provide world-class service to your customers in the front office with feedback, complaint management, etc.
    • Alerts and proactive ways of managing inventory due to short shelf life.
    • Mobility of accessing systems across multiple channels – mobile, tablets, etc.
    • Interactive and simple to-utilize Business Intelligence gives improved insights and simplified real-time analytics.
    • Improve accounting accuracy and increase visibility.
    • Designing marketing campaigns to target specific target audience to increase brand awareness and customer behavior analysis
    • Customer relation management CRM Software to manage the customer journey with the company

    Dynamics 365 is a platform that can provide your hospitality business with all the capabilities to grow, change, and evolve. Contact Dynamics Stream consultant to know more about Dynamics 365 hospitality solution.