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How Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation can be used in Chemical Industry?

Dynamics 365 for Chemical Industry

Be it manufacturer, distributor or retailer, chemical companies have to work within very stringent business environment while adhering to government rules & regulations. As a result, there is a competitive edge in the International and regional market not only in the form of compliance, economic headwinds, legal hurdle but also in business software infrastructure.

Constantly changing product and packaging variations present operational and inventory inefficiency. The close interaction between research labs, procurement, production, and marketing requires a solution that addresses every aspect of these operations.

Dynamics 365 for finance and operation is an enterprise solution which provides small and medium chemical industries a complete control over their financial data and delivers real-time business intelligence and reports. From formulation and fabrication to packaging and pricing, Dynamics 365 finance and operation provides you with a single, flexible platform that helps you to run a leaner, more efficient business.

Dynamics 365 for finance and operation does this by integrating procurement, production schedules and distribution. You get intelligent insights from Power BI, as you define, and manage multiple outputs such as co-products and by-products, from a single production process, and know the correct inventory status of a given item.

There is flexibility to plan batch production jobs as batch processing is the main advanced feature of Dynamics 365. It helps chemical companies work more efficiently and come closer to daily procedures.

With Dynamics 365 for finance and operation, the need for integrating 3rd party label management is eliminated. Hence tracking inventory item, lot potency, color, unit of measurement, status, location, and the license is made much easier.

Also, the benefits that chemical companies engaged in epoxy & resins, polyurethanes, pigments & dye, fuel & lubricants, ink, paper & packaging manufacturing gets with Dynamics 365 are-

We understand the issues of controlling continuous production processes in the chemical industry. Contact our Dynamics 365 finance and operation consultant for implementation service for manufacturers engaged in lubricants, pigments, acrylics, specialty chemicals, and coatings industry.

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