• How Dynamics 365 Benefits Manufacturing Industry?

    The manufacturing industry is based on production capability driving customer satisfaction. Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 delivers an end-to-end combination of ERP and CRM software capabilities targeted at manufacturing industry. As more and more manufacturing industries are investing in quality technology, the future looks bright for them. Also, the revolutionized idea of connected IoT systems has improved visibility and efficiency across factories and customer call centers. Now, this methodology has changed the way manufacturers do business.

    Microsoft gives you an opportunity to transforms your business and make it more accessible with Dynamics 365. We at Dynamics Stream are ready to help you bring in this change. We offer from ERP selection to business change management, deployment, and integration, to ongoing support for the manufacturing industry.

    Manufacturers are able to meet the changing needs of your customers and capture new business opportunities of tomorrow. Now let us see what Dynamics 365 has in store for your business.

    •  Complete visibility of plant operation: 

     Connected IoT systems help products to be customized as per individual needs, order fulfillment and speed in releasing new products through intelligent operations. IoT helps in integrated transparent operations, predictive maintenance of systems and remote support to their customer.

    •  Insights to drive informed and faster decision-making: 

    With cloud-enabled data analytics and embedded intelligence, Dynamics 365 unites front and back office processes for managing every aspect of your business, at the pace and scale that’s right for you. The data from the supply chain, production, inventory, customer behavior, and in-market product performance, helps manufacturers to proactively meet customer needs.

    • Enhanced interactions between workers, customers, and suppliers

    With the speed and flexibility of Microsoft Azure and the Microsoft cloud, there is a better connection between inter-organizational behaviors. Manufacturers can improve processes across geographies on a single unified platform with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

    • Improved sales performance: 

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 ends the divide between CRM and ERP systems and supplements necessary capabilities to boost sales by providing teams with in-depth transactional information and customer history. 

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