• Harness the Power of your Workforce using World’s Leading HR & Payroll Solution-Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Payroll Solution:

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 for operations has the human resource capability and that’s what makes it leading solution provider for the workforce. MS Dynamics 365 provides you with end-to-end payroll options. You get the benefits of streamlined and consistent execution of payroll and compliance needs according to the UAE rules and labor law. Right from the recruitment cycle i.e. hiring, interviewing and reporting, the software controls running in-house payroll. It includes core function such as:

    Payroll processing

    • Tax proof management
    • Expense management
    • Benefits & administration
    • Leave/ Absence Management
    • Time & Attendance
    • Employee self-service
    • Query Management
    • Managed Payroll Services (Report & Analytics)

    Time & Attendance

    This functionality covers options which often cause hassle in maintaining time sheets for employees, including overtime calculation, work day’s calculations, off days/ half days and public holidays.

    You can also manage employees’attendance that does not require timesheets. The ability to integrate timesheet to T&A terminal devices is the added functionality for automating posting for payroll calculations. What’s more, it that we have integrated the software with Ramadan timing calculations accommodating shifts.

    Employees Benefits Accruals

    The employee benefits can be added to the system. This great functionality adds air ticket fares, accrual of air tickets for adult/child infant, encashment, carry forward & carry back option.


    Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a comprehensive option for managing leave of employees. The functionality facilitates annual leave encashment, checking entitled, accrued and remaining leaves at any point of time.


    The gratuity encashment is embedded in the software. The number of configurable gratuity rules can be defined as per every country’s needs.


    The software is embedded with features where the employee house rent, fuel, water, electricity, transportation, and telephone allowance are calculated under the HR and payroll option. Other benefits item assigned to employees are categorized under miscellaneous.

    Loans & Advances

    This functionality gives you the tool to transact employee loans, advances, deduction, etc.

    • Loans are processed when requested for loan.
    • Multiple loans for a single employee can be handled.
    • Loan payments are processed automatically through the payroll at the end of each pay period.
    • Employee loan installments and repayment schedule/reschedule reports available
    • Advances taken by employees are also processed.
    • Other loans (employee fixed assets –laptop-car-phone-furniture-matters.)

    In addition, to keep up with the constantly changing regulations we do all the heavy lifting offering you the benefits:

    How Microsoft Dynamics 365 manages inquiries regarding payroll?

    Inquiries regarding payroll, attendance and accrual calculations for processed pay periods can be viewed in the inquiry ledgers. You can track the values of every element in the payroll engine.

    Payroll Setup

    • Unlimited Earnings and Deductions
    • Set of Earning/Deduction codes linked to employees
    • Exclusion of pay elements to pre-defined criteria for specific employees
    • Definition of Calendars and Payroll Periods
    • Specific general ledger account linked to each type of payroll expense
    • Definition of various Overtime, Absence, and benefit pay elements
    • Provision for additional monthly inputs
    • Bonus Payroll
    • Provision to “mail pay slips” to employees

    Payroll provides the important aspects in bringing together various elements of HR practices, including appraisal outcomes, benefits, compensation and incentives. The software addresses regional payroll and administration requirement for native & expatriate employees. Here are some key capabilities

    • Processing of payroll for different periods, based on the class of employee
    • Integration of Time and Attendance records with payroll for every month
    • Temporary payroll runs for review and approval prior to actual confirmation and posting of the payroll.
    • History of monthly payroll runs for a pre-defined period to be maintained
    • Facility to include/exclude contractors or any other employees for a payroll run
    • Mode of payment for salaries: Electronic bank transfers and cheques.
    • Retro Pay Processing: Manage previous months’ salary adjustments into current payroll in Payroll Journals.
    • Support of Social Security calculations.
    • Payslip generation for all employees.
    • Leave salary processing before an employee goes on leave.
    • Payroll Posting to GL.

    And, this, in turn, helps drive employee motivation and retaining talent, which undoubtedly plays a central role in every organization's growth.