• Get to know Microsoft Azure: In short

    Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding platform to run and manage services and application on cloud. Whether it is partially or completely cloud-based, Azure add the cloud capabilities to your existing network through its Platform as a Service (PaaS). Along with it all of your computing and networking needs are handled through Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

    The best advantage of cloud computing is that you pay for the resources you need and you use. These costs are calculated the number of bytes of data you use and for the time period, you have used.  So is this the reason why people opting for the cloud platform.  Well, there are actually more reasons organizations prefer for Microsoft Azure. Here are some of them.

    Flexible expenditure and Speed:- You get to scale up your data storage capacity and scale down as per your need. This means you can faster develop as a compared on-premise solution. From a financial perspective, this gives more suitability as you pay only for what you use. Also with data centers across the globe, Azure offers support across multiple languages.

    Strongest Platform service:- Azure is developers friendly as the development and testing tools provided by Azure are superior in the field. As Azure offers business intelligence, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, IOT and cognitive services, deploying web, mobile, hybrid apps, APIs and microservices, serverless computing and much more, it is the strongest PaaS provider for a large number of industries.

    Safeguard Security:- Azure security services include Azure Active Directory Services, Key Vault Services, and Multi-Factor Authentication Services. With a single sign-on capability, the data is secured identity management, role-based authentication, authentication, increased security for passwords and secure backup option, Azure makes its cloud environment a bit more secure.

    However, if you are still uncertain about cloud journey with Microsoft Azuregive us a call.