• Get the Most Out of Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Microsoft Dynamics GP has brought new functionality to the business world. But there is still more to get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics GP. The latest edition of Dynamics GP 2018 contains all new features and enhancement to run your business more effectively. The latest updates to the software will take your business to the next level in whatever department it needs most.

    • Community

    With the exceptional support from the community of active experts, you can leverage how other companies are utilizing Dynamics GP.

    Dynamics GP works with Office 365 giving you the capabilities to use the familiar Microsoft apps. You get the collaborative platform of SharePoint and OneDrive and Power BI reports.

    • Microsoft Cloud

    In Dynamics GP you get the option to choose cloud deployment options-Microsoft Azure in either public or private settings.

    • PowerBI

    Dynamics GP has the integrated capability of Power BI. You get the business analytics tools enabling analyzing and sharing of data easily.

    Here are the top things where you can use Dynamics GP:

    In inventory management, the software lets you compose the bill of materials so that you can track the items while utilizing a certain product. For more complex company process the extended package can help you with managing costs and routing.

    • Dynamics GP has a complete set of general ledger and a suite of powerful accounting software. This helps you in processing the online transaction and synchronizing digital records with financials, as there is the rise of eCommerce stores.
    • With the vast analytics and reporting tools, Dynamics GP is integrated with Power BI that gives meaningful insights about the state of your business.
    • The latest updates in 2018 make Dynamics GP automate your key business functions like account receivables and payables, generating a purchase order and working out payroll.

    That’s not all; Dynamics GP works well with many other technologies giving you more options to solve business problems. When you are purchasing Dynamics GP, you are actually getting more than accounting software.

    For assistance using Dynamics GP, or have other questions, email our Dynamics GP consultant.