• Get the most features for business by Dynamics 365 for Operations

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Distribution

    In today’s competitive global marketplace—where supply networks are becoming increasingly complex and customers demand more choices, faster fulfillment, and lower prices—wholesale distributors often find themselves in dilemma.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the experts at Dynamics Stream understand unique challenges for your industry and can help through their experience with best in the class business management solution, to stay profitable and provide a unique experience to your customers.

    Get immediate visibility of your entire supply chain

    Dynamics 365 for Operations gives you a complete view of your stock accessibility, deals, shipping timetables, and every other detail required to deal with your supply chain system. In Short with Microsoft's cloud-based ERP framework, the data you are searching for is accessible at your fingertips.

    Managing your credits

    Dynamics 365 for Operations provides CRM to the salesperson to give credit history of their client at the time of booking orders. This helps them to take an appropriate decision regarding credit to be given to a customer to reduce collection and improve the cash flow of the company.

    Better decision-making using analytics

    The distributor can analysis which products are selling fast, and which stay sitting in the distribution center for a long time. This helps to recognize patterns or issues to roll out speedy improvements to serve clients better — all while decreasing expenses. Finally, quick access to an analysis of key business information can increase a company’s success by empowering managers to plan effectively, make smart, informed business decisions, and comply with regulatory or customer mandates.