• Get the fully featured Enterprise Property Management Software: Dynamics 365 for Real Estate

    Dynamics 365 for Real Estate

    Many property developers and real estate agents spend a huge amount of time on purchasers' request and venture data. Across Dubai alone, there is massive growth and demand in rental properties. This is slowly followed by residential properties and commercial real estate. The growth statistics altogether has resulted in stronger demand for property management services. But, the property management service can’t seem to meet these demands.

    A client relationship board framework in Dynamics 365 can furnish you with the business instruments to oversee deals, leads, rental, advertising, and facility management.

    Dynamics 365 software is an integrated solution for real estate industry helping companies to build customer-centric solutions, streamline property deals, advertising, post deals and administration process, which in turn improves brand image, ensures effective collaboration between departments.

    The software is integrated with Microsoft Office and uses Power BI with an adaptable and customizable dashboard that provides the user with easy access to the latest reports and insights into the business.

    Why Dynamics 365 for the Real estate?
    • The property management software caters the need of commercial and residential private property proprietors, empowers property and real estate organizations to remain on top and oversee offices from single-central software.
    • The solution is best in the market for handling financials, billing, lease and contract management, capital project management, property rentals, and real estate sales, insurance, and facility management and reporting and analytics. 
    • With Dynamics 365 for real estate, your sales workforce can spend more time on the field with the customer. Because for successful closure of any high sake deal personal interaction and providing comfort is key. The sales team can respond real time to prospect/customer’s queries and enhance the customer experience.


    Property managers like real estate agents and property developers have to juggle between ever-changing local, national and even global trends. The juggling between multiple and stand-alone application only lead to inefficient processes and forecasting based on unreliable data.

    However, choosing an ERP solution for property management, there is a lot to consider. At Dynamics Stream, we offer turnkey ERP solution for your property management business.