• Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management Solutions for Logistics Service Provider

    For logistic service provider, warehouse management system (WMS) plays a key role for the operational efficiency & profitability. Dynamics 365 offers a complete enterprise solution covering all essential components of a warehousing to improve your productivity, reduce logistics costs and outperform the competition.

    Some of the key functions like Advance shipping note for accurate space planning, Quality check at the receiving, Auto-put away based on location strategy and Auto-pick based on FIFO/FEFO strategy based on items stored in warehouse are available for complex operations of 3PL.

    The Barcode-scanningmodule with Hand Held Terminals (HHT) ensures accurate put, pick of the items as per orders and real time updates to the warehouse supervisor. It also helps to improve Turn Around Time (TAT).

    Working with bulk load items or invoicing based on actual weight is important for registering the correct weights. A standard interface with scales and weighbridges facilitates to provide data on scanners or touch screens and offers direct registration in the WMS system is available. Billing can also be done based on CBM, fixed storage, storage types etc.

    An array of information about the movement of goods, lots, batches, boxes, pallets in the warehouse gets registered and available for the next course of action. Cycle count helps to match the system quantity to actual physical quantity. Warehouse Transfer between the location help you to manage your space optimally.

    If you want to realize an interface with your customers via standardized EDI protocols or even a customer-specific interface, a customized feature accomplishes this task. With our Dynamic Stream connectors, we offer several standard interfaces fitting your requirement. If you want to follow a specific message format of your client, we help you complete this job, as at Dynamic Stream, we take care of the connection and related issues connected to it!

    Another feature with the web client to get information is, customers can get their own web portal, in order to check information about orders, invoices, on product/batch level goods-in-out and even any last-minute amendments in inventories/stock.

    Contact Dynamics Stream team in case you are looking for Digital Transformation for your logistics operations.