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Dynamics 365 in Pharmaceutical Industry

Dynamics 365 in the Pharmaceutical industry

As UAE sets out to plan as a major drugs manufacturing hub, the healthcare and pharmaceuticalsector in the country is focused on boosting investment in R&D and attracting qualified professionals.

Among all this, the pharmaceutical industry is under the constant scrutiny of government, health insurers and consumer all calling for greater transparency and accountability. There are another plethora of operational challenges that you may come across pharma business on a daily basis. You still don’t get accurate reports in real-time and end up wasting a lot of time validating reports from multiple platforms.

A business enterprise solution like Dynamics 365 can definitely fix these as well as all of your other pharmaceutical problems. Want to know how? Take a look at how Dynamics 365 solves problems of your pharma business:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is among the top enterprise-level ERP provides that offers broad and deep business process capabilities for pharma-companies. Dynamics 365 solution is developed with extensive R&D over the years and covered each and every process of pharmaceutical industry process in the core of Dynamics 365 enterprise solution.

The solution has integrated laboratory information management, manufacturing execution as well as advanced functionalities for batch management, shelf date tracking and much more. Hence, it is easy for companies to manage processes in producing and distributing medications. This also enables them to comply with government food and drug regulations and other guidelines.

Dynamics 365 is designed to meet the full range of ERP need for Pharmaceutical and life science companies. Dynamics 365 helps pharma companies to manage the variables like shelf-life constraints, cost pressures, competition from generic and over-the-counter drugs, and strict regulatory requirements for manufacturing and product approvals.

In addition, the advanced warehouse management module provides warehouse operators with mobile-friendly access to real-time information about inventory and the status, shelf-life and handling instructions for containers.

The best part of Dynamics 365 is that it connects with key Microsoft products like Office 365, Skype for Business, SharePoint, Power BI, and Power Apps. Typically, companies have to invest in multiple resources and time to implement add-on solutions to their ERP. But, Dynamics 365 have access to all comprehensive tools to meet regional and international regulations and customer requirements.

The solution can be deployed in the cloud or implemented on-premises, offering flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and security. You can benefit from an integrated business application that is expanded with your branch-specific functions, as well as from global support and low-cost rates from the very beginning.

Get in touch with our experienced team to schedule a demo and learn how our Dynamics 365 implementation can improve visibility, efficiency, and profitability for a pharmaceutical and life science organization.

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