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Dynamics 365 in Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and Defense is a unique industry that requires real-time communication across every facet of manufacturing, engineering and resource planning. Strict product compliance guidelines, long sales cycles, and continuous technological advancement are typical in Aerospace & Defense market. At the same time, there is a constant demand for a fast, sophisticated and cost-effective solution, resulting in a heavy amount of pressure to deliver quality output. That’s where business enterprise software comes in.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you the tools you need to improve operational efficiencies, manage and distinguish your business on a regional and international platform. Dynamics 365 integrates the whole business allowing key personnel clear visibility of all operations from production to distribution.

For A&D manufacturing, Dynamics 365 helps business monitor the production supply chain, safeguard new product development, reduce costs, and communicate data effectively throughout the organization and beyond. You can view the entire supply chain history of each part which is a great asset for compliance purpose. The tracking and reporting powered by AI give you complete visibility into the product life cycle adhering with stringent quality control.

Often, Aerospace & defense projects require collaboration between sales, engineering, and customer, hence the modules like project service automation and finance integrates to transfer estimated actual bid and respond quickly to the government or public contract.

Whether you want on-premise or cloud-based edition, Dynamics 365 make A&D business data remain securely stationed within its care. This paves the way to share critical business data in real-time to stakeholders anywhere in the world in a consistent & readable format. You get the following key benefits-

And the list goes on. As aerospace and defense industry continues to witness rapidly changing markets, Dynamics 365 is automating maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) workflows using cloud-based systems. The mobility support by Microsoft Dynamics 365 leads to a reduction in inventory levels while increasing service levels. In short, Dynamics 365 hits the bull’s eye meeting specific requirement of this industry.

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