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Dynamics 365 for Wealth Management

Wealth management is a niche business vertical where there is no direct fit ERP solution available in the market.

Dynamics 365 has a vertical-specific solution for Wealth Management and asset management firms that assist investment managers, in addition to private banks, trust, family offices, and fiduciary services.

A comprehensive presentation of 360 views of client & investment data

Make the most of critical client value and investment data by using intelligent applications. Identify and prioritize key clients, by accurately assessing their value to your firm. It also helps build a personalized communication strategy to develop long-term business relationships.

Digitally delivering a complete client experience 

The modern-day investors demand a personalized digital client experience. The solution guarantees that your firm delivers an advanced, innovative and client-centric marketing, investment, and communication strategy to strengthen your position as a trusted advisor.

Source, track & acquire new clients

Assets under management of AUM can be monitored and tracked with strategically analyses for better relationships, prospective investments and referrals for increasing your chances of on-boarding new clients. The greater your access to detailed intelligence, the better your firm can establish a business relationship with the needs of each prospective client resulting in increasing the potential of new acquirements.

A robust collaboration tool can be built for your team

Now it is easy to access critical data from anywhere for your team. Dynamics 365 Wealth Management is more than just a data platform. It is a powerful tool on which your team can fully rely and collaborate. It offers a realistic overview of every client. Moreover, CRM can assist in preventing the issues related to individuals and teams working in siloes. This leads to efficiently maintain a personalized relationship with your client through the client engagement approach.

In effect, it is an advanced ecosystem that is capable of breaking internal silos, increases productivity and sales revenue efficiently. All your requirements are taken care of as it takes care of the ever-growing compliance challenges. Besides, it also offers you the right tools to deliver a personalized client experience beginning with streamlined on boarding and KYC experience. 

Azure Cloud – Data Accessibility in Real-Time

Thanks to the remarkable power of the Azure Cloud as your data can be accessed on any platform and experience real-time intelligence. Regardless of the fact that you are in the office or heading for an appointment, anywhere on the move, the desired information can be made available to you.

Moreover, the data is available through Dynamics 365 on your devices such as laptops, tablet or mobile. What more can you expect? Your data also gets backed up with one of the premier certified enterprise-grade cloud platforms available in the market. Backed by more certifications than any other cloud provider, Azure leads the way with security standards that others follow without thinking twice; such is its technical repute….quite commendable!

Accurate & superior data visualization with Power BI

For efficient decision-making, count on Power BI the Azure cloud-based analytics service that enables you to analyze and examine the data with greater speed, efficiency and to comprehend with accurate relevance. It also transforms your company’s data into interactive, simple charts and graphs besides assisting you to recognize important trends for you to emphasize on the things that are critical to accomplishing in business. Undoubtedly, Power BI is the generation next business intelligence application, simplified to interpret and exploit the wealth of data available to you in a visual format. 

Dynamics 365 & AI

Go ahead and unlock the full potential of your data. Pooled with the combined power of Dynamics 365 Client Engagement solutions and AI, you can create a smarter marketing strategy that completely meets clients’ demand. Increase client retention by addressing their grievances instantly. Moreover, with actionable intelligence that lets your business development team know what to focus on increasing their chances of securing more wins by closing more prospects, easily.

Features of Dynamics 365 Business Central image
Features of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based business management solution for all types of business.

Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Companies using Copilot have reported that employees assisted by AI have increased productivity, are performing tasks more efficiently and are able to focus on what matters most.

Dynamic 365 Business Central for Trading and Distribution

Microsoft introduced Dynamics 365 Business Central which is an integrated ERP solution to meet the needs of businesses in the ever-changing technological landscapes.

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