• Dynamics 365 for Process Manufacturing

    Process manufacturing industries include food, beverage, refined oil, gasoline, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and plastics. The good is produced in bulk quantities by combining supplies, ingredients and raw material. Because of the highly competitive market and complex processes in this industry, manufacturers use specialized ERP Software.

    Dynamics 365 fits the bill and meet the operational requirement of the process manufacturer. From product design to product planning, costing to batch manufacturing, process manufacturing provides end to end capabilities for the efficient and quality controlled production. With Dynamics 365 for process manufacturing, you gain full end to end traceability with embedded quality that provides complete visibility into plant operations.

    The unified ERP & CRM software takes control of production needs such as managing bill of material (BOM), routings, shop floor execution system, materials requirement planning, production orders, etc. You get clear visibility into every phase of your operations, from receiving raw materials, through the production of finished goods, to inspections of finished goods before dispatching as production module is connected to different modules, like information management, stock administration, general ledger, warehouse management, project accounting, and administration. 

    Being a cloud business solution combining ERP, CRM, and BI tools into a single online product, Dynamics 365 gives an unmatched quality control experience in everyday business processes.

    • Yield Planning and Tracking
    • Attribute Tracking and Dynamic Formula Adjustment
    • Input-Driven Process Specification
    • Optimized Picking
    • Batch Optimization and Balancing
    • Variable Inventory and Order Tracking
    • Customizable Item and Dimensionality Structure
    • Detailed Production Costs Analysis
    • Customized Product and Packaging Capabilities
    • Centralized Quality Control and Regulatory Support

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