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Dynamics 365 for Precast Concrete Industry

Due to large scale industrialization, precast industry has gained huge momentum in public housing, water supply, and construction industry. Most of the projects in these industries demand high standardization and repetition. Because of precast components, construction time for these projects is reduced compared to conventional designs with similar designs. To be able to react quickly to market demands and to drive forward product innovations, you need to have an integrated solution with further software extension.

Many companies opt to stay on their existing ERP solution, and even though they aware of the limitations and inefficiencies inherent in older technology, they are unable to qualify the cost and disruption of an upgrade. And that can leave an otherwise active company shackled to an aging ERP solution that drives up integration and maintenance costs, and limits productivity, scalability, and agility.

That is the reason why, digitization in the construction material industry with Microsoft Dynamics business solution you can manage all business processes such as production, warehousing, logistics, and sales in one solution. Therefore the core features are interlinked like personnel, logistics, and materials. Dynamics 365 is the solution that includes the key activities of precast concrete companies which are estimation, design, engineering, drafting, planning, production, operate factory machines, cost control.

To have more effectiveness and productivity, Dynamics 365 encompasses all relevant functions for the control and monitoring of processes in a precast production plant: administration of customer data and order administration (CRM), rough and precise planning, calculation, production and capacity planning, materials management, warehousing management, order automation, logistics and assembly, financial accounting, as well as controlling and business intelligence.

If you have decided to migrate to Dynamics 365 from the aging system, Dynamics Stream provides expertise in such services, and as a partner of Microsoft, we further develop and adapt these technologies especially for the precast concrete industry.

Benefit from our experience with ERP software in the construction materials industry and contact us by phone or e-mail. We are happy to help!

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