• Dynamics 365 for Plastic Moulding Industry

    As most of the manufacturing companies are looking for Industry 4.0 trend, plastic manufacturing plays a significant role in influencing the progress of all manufacturing industries. The most commonly used plastic injection moulding process by product manufacturer is a precise method that fabricates any type of plastic. This allows manufacturers to design, develop, and produce the highest performing cost-effective plastic.

    As a result it might be helpful to highlight some key consideration when selecting an ERP system for this unique market segment.

    How Dynamics 365 can help improve processes in Plastics Moulding Industry

    Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive enterprise system designed for all segments of the plastic manufacturing industry. It provides real time access to the key information across the entire organization as well as reporting & analytics needed to make well-informed management decisions.

    You get a single, flexible platform linking together production, inventory control, customer service and order processing - all to help you run a leaner, more efficient business.

    Dynamics Stream specializes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP services implementation for Plastic industries covering functionality in:

    • Order processing
    • Product data management
    • Forecasting and demand planning
    • Material Requirement Planning
    • Shop Floor Management
    • Lot control & traceability
    • Supply chain management
    • Advance Warehouse management
    • BOM reports
    • Scrape management
    • Microsoft Office Integration
    • Azure platform with machine learning, Power BI, Stream Analytics, etc.

    Dynamics Stream also can help you with advance capability of AI, Approval work flows, E- procurement, E-Commerce etc. Which can help to increase manufacturing productivity.

    The Azure platform brings mobile capabilities and makes software available for companies anytime and on any device delivering IoT experience to shop floor, sales & top management people.

    Are you ready to take your plastic moulding business to next level? Contact Dynamics Stream consultants’ today.