• Dynamics 365 for Medical Device Manufacturing

    Accelerate your operations, scale efficiently and adapt quickly with Dynamics 365 for Medical Device.

    Balancing the demand and supply of complex and expensive medical devices makes a big difference to overcome regulatory, quality and business challenges. Whether you are a healthcare provider looking to enhance patient experience or improve care team coordination, Dynamics 365 is all you need.

    In Medical Industry, maintaining quality is utmost important. The finished product has to go through rigorous quality check procedures before leaving the production line. For ensuring such precision, monitoring production process and documenting results across all product structures, helps in coordinated approach through Dynamics 365.

    By implementing Dynamics 365, your organization gain visibility into your supply chain, inventory, and achieve regulatory compliance. The end-to-end solution helps you to maximize critical operational efficiencies and meet specific industry requirement.

    Among the apps, Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management are the most flexible Cloud enterprise solution for medical device and equipment’s manufacturer. The solutions meets financial and operational requirements covering all medical technology areas.

    • Production identification and serialization
    • Warranty and service tracking
    • Compliance tracking
    • Quality management
    • Linked design with CAD integration
    • Document archiving on Microsoft SharePoint
    • Workflow management with business intelligence

    All these functionalities combined with AI and machine learning, helps manufacturer manage cost pressures, generic competition, shelf-life constraints and strict regulatory requirements. Tracking inventory in real time, eliminates waste due to costly shelf-life expirations and returns. With its modern methods, smart devices & cloud enabled services, Dynamics 365 allows you to discover better insights for your business needs. It helps manufacturers in their go-to-market and product innovation strategy.

    Being a certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultant, we have worked with manufacturing businesses to customize, implement, and improve their business solution need. For every manufacturing business need, we offer professional advice about any queries on Dynamics 365.

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