• Dynamics 365 for Logistics

    Logistics is a highly competitive industry where changing market conditions and demanding nature of customer fluctuate constantly. Even a slight disturbance in the supply chain can create a negative effect on the entire range of operations for logistics Companies.

    Logistics businesses can succeed only with real-time information and streamlined processes. An enterprise solution can automate and streamline your business for higher efficiency and customer satisfaction. You gain greater insights to optimize business processes and thereby increase sales and revenue.

    Few of the areas how Dynamics 365 helps logistics business?
      Increase warehouse competence: Functionality of auto pick & put, wave picking to reduce TAT, etc.
    • Improve your inbound control process: By providing workers with the option to scan and check items at the time of arrival.
    • Reduce picking costs: By efficiently processing transactions in real-time, enabling workers to enter data directly on mobile devices at the same time.
    • Improve your planning ability: By maintaining correct inventory levels through planned, ad-hoc, & tag counting with ease & efficiency.
    • Tracking information to customer: By providing tracking information, customer exactly knows their shipments which in turn increases customer satisfaction and avoid tons of hours for customer service agents to update them.

    Seamless integration with Dynamics 365 customer relationship management (CRM) apps and Office 365 enables faster business processes and smarter decision making. Modern Microsoft Power BI tools can help you make strategic decisions with Power apps help you to create your own apps for multiple functionalities.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be run on the cloud, on-premises, or through a hybrid deployment. So you get to choose deployment options as per your requirement. Dynamics 365 apps are designed to be easily and independently deployed so you can start small and pay only for what you need. With flexible subscriptions and scalable capacity, the system can keep pace with your organization’s growth and digital transformation.