• Dynamics 365 ERP solution for Poultry & Meat Industry

    Poultry Industry ERP Software

    Highly perishable goods, tight profit margins, increasing demands from customers, supply chain related challenges and other things make meat and poultry industry not for chicken-hearted!

    In order to fulfill the best possible practices for meat business, Dynamics Stream ease operations for a meat processor such as silos management, labeling, tracking of containers, and automatic data capture with Dynamics 365. Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform is tailored around the requirement of the production, sales, and supply chain requirement of companies rearing, breeding, hatching, and processing poultry.

    For meat processors, grinding and forming the meat and then packaging constitutes the meat production process. Dynamics 365 offers processor based bill of material that enables the structured flow of raw materials, ingredients, packaging, and resources throughout the meat production process. All the planning and scheduling of the meat process is linked to the weights, readings, terminal inputs.

    The system connects the entire value chain from farm-to-fork with a single fully integrated platform. Any updates or changes made anywhere in the enterprise are reflected in the system- as the new product added or high demand categories e.g., organic, free-range or grass-fed along with pricing. The quality assurance is also advanced and it is possible to alert before any problem occurs in the overall process.

    Check out Dynamics 365 functionalities and see how Dynamics Stream enables meat and poultry companies to improve yields and cut costs.  For more information on Dynamics Stream solutions for the Meat & Poultry industry, click here.