• Create Digital Workplace with Office 365

    As technology moves forward, no one should be left behind - Microsoft.

    Today’s workplace is always connected providing instant access to everything employees need. To manage these industry changes, many organizations in business and government have implemented a digital workplace strategy. But the key to success depends on the implementation, one that is capable of driving true change within the organization. And here is the strategic solution by Microsoft -Office 365.

    With Office 365, teams achieve more by working together effectively in their own unique way. Office 365 not only protects your organization data but also your people. You get the insights and assistance with analytics and intelligence to do your best work every day. And what else! Get more done wherever work takes you.

    Microsoft Office 365 as SaaS

    Office 365 is a subscription-based software and is simple to use, ranging from company executives to college students. As SAAS solution is subscription based where the software is hosted in the cloud, it obviously eliminates infrastructure costs and some of the licensing costs.

    The great thing about Microsoft Office 365 is that it can be run on both cloud servers and physical servers. Businesses can use the Microsoft Office 365 to:

    • Provide better tools while keeping costs down
    • Take advantage of the ability to quickly scale your business
    • Make information easier for your workforce

    Microsoft Office 365 tools for the unique work style of every group. Familiar desktop applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint let you create and work together across devices, platforms, and teams. With business email and calendaring, you can start a conversation in a familiar place. Teams can self-organize and keep work moving forward with a group inbox, calendar, and conversation.

    You can arrange the online call, meet, and engage remotely and in real time with online meetings that include audio, HD video, instant messaging, and screen sharing.

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