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Connected Field Service with IoT technology and Machine Learning

For transforming the way we carry out service delivery across channels, connected field service breaks the barrier through the combination of IoT diagnostics, scheduling, asset maintenance, and inventory on the same platform. There is no doubt that delivering excellent field service results in delivering excellent customer service. Due to the advent of technology and connected customers, field service providers are bound to offer immediate and convenient field service.

To keep pace with customer expectations and remain competitive, field service organizations need to embrace more tools & technology that helps them to develop the speed & precession of service. The latest IoT technology has emerged as the new powerful foundation for field service organization.

If we look at the complete customer experience, 26% of the service calls require return visits by the agents, 81% of the team says that service is that largest aspect about how customers perceive their brand, and there is 47% of increase of uptime through the use of smart devices.  

Here are the benefits of IoT technology and its benefits in connected field service.

By using the technology of the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, mixed reality, and big data manufacturers can improve the customer experience. This directly drives revenue growth, optimize process and increase productivity. With connected field service solution manufacturer can deliver value-added business services and provide a complete, connected customer experience.

Here are the benefits for manufacturers of connected field service.

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