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Benefits of integrating ERP & CRM software in eCommerce website

How well your business knows your customer? The answer may depend on the integration of CRM & ERP for your custom business.

Yet another scenario is that of an eCommerce website, which has completely changed the way business is carried out. Take an example where an e-commerce business engages with the customer. Customers all around the world engage with your company and make a purchase. So when an ERP and eCommerce solution is integrated your most of time and efforts in manual work is transferred. Online sales channels offer increased revenue for physical stores. So if yours is a brick & mortar store, and you are using ERP for your business there is no amazement in using the same strategy for your online store.

Integrating your eCommerce store with an ERP will reap you benefit with its efficient feature list. Some of the requests we see for integration of eCommerce with ERP are:

Why integrate eCommerce, ERP & CRM?

ERP integration with an online store includes integration with third-party add-ons that allows payment processing and tax compliance. This means that merchants across manufacturing and distribution utilize a common system for efficient shipping and fulfillment!

Another benefit is that with this integration your ERP avoids data duplication or manual entry of data that allows you to keep multiple systems in sync. Also, it extends the same benefits for inventory and pricing for your business.

Practically thinking, an eCommerce website can be deployed as a standalone solution. But when you enter data from your eCommerce backend to your website, a lot of things get misplaced. First, you are not able to provide an accurate view of the product data, along with available inventory or latest pricing and promotions in real-time. This can cause significant disruptions in merchandise procurement and delivery, leading to customer dissatisfaction, returns/refunds and eventually loss of revenue.

Summing up!

Owing to the above reasons, integrating ERP with eCommerce website has lots of benefits. After all, your customer experience takes a hit – so why hold back. Integrate eCommerce store with Microsoft Dynamics 365 now.

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