• Microsoft Dynamics 365 for E-Commerce

    E-Commerce is one of the fastest growing tech industry with more and more consumers moving away from buying from Brick & Mortar stores to online stores.

    Dynamics 365 Commerce provides a comprehensive Omni channel solution with one stop functionality of e-commerce stores, customer service, business automation etc..

    Moreover, Dynamics 365 Commerce enables to build brand loyalty through personalized customer relationship; regular engagements through promotions etc. optimize operations for reducing overheads, increase revenue with enriched employee productivity, drive supply chain efficiencies; all these leading to delivering better business results.

    All of the above transforms into the creation of digital experiences using built-in web development tools that produces classic and intelligent digital storefronts that are not only appealing but also engaging. A virtually connected marketing and commerce platform facilitates seamless management of content, assets, promotions, inventory and pricing across all channels with flawless accuracy.

    • A complete kit to build and operate digital commerce:

    Streamline your business and end-to-end commerce solution that works to your advantage across both modern emerging channels and the traditional one. Further, the built-in web authoring and development tools enable you to intelligently create engaging digital storefronts, while a connected marketing simulated commerce platform offers seamless content management, inventory, assets, promotions and pricing across channels.

    • Building loyalty by exceeding customer expectations:

    By responding to customer needs at every level of engagement based on their profile, history and preferences that is available through digital channels.  This enables to gain a comprehensive view of your customer. Go ahead and empower your employees to generate everlasting relationships through AI-driven recommendations, customer insights and loyalty programs that promote brand appeal to the next level.

    • Flexible and intelligent Omni channel experience:

    The wise Omni channel allows unifying physical and digital commerce by providing steady experiences to customers across cloud search;  discovery, product reviews, wish lists, inventory, gift cards and not the least loyalty. Let your customers purchase according to their whims and fancies; when, how and at any location, the process can be on any device besides offering the choice around modern payment mode and product collection or request for delivery at home.

    • Streamline operations using AI in the cloud:

    By in-built, omnipresent and responsive context cloud intelligence, drive Omni channel commerce experience and integrate optimized back-office operations. Stay ahead in competition with great innovative promotional ideas by using advanced merchandising, inventory management and distributed order management; remember to tag attractive pricing. Derive insights by visualizing, analyzing comprehensive and consistent data across all aspects of your business. Protect your business against payment fraud by adapting AI-driven technologies to provide accessible websites and efficiently moderate user-generated content like ratings and reviews for improving the business. 

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