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Develop Chatbot Without Writing Code with Power Virtual Agents

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, a Power Platform component, is a no-code strategy for building smart chatbots. Microsoft Power Virtual Agents empowers you to interact with your clients and team members.

Power Virtual Agents is accessible as an independent online solution and a self-contained app within Microsoft Teams. You may select a version based on your business needs. Dynamics Stream, a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner, can facilitate you in learning more about the deployment possibilities of Power Virtual Agents.

Our expertise at Dynamics Stream can facilitate you in deploying Power Virtual Agents. Dynamics Stream is a trusted Microsoft Partner in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, and other MENA countries.

Power Virtual Agents

Maximize Your Organization's Productivity with Power Virtual Agents

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents delivers an incredibly simple graphical interface that your team members can utilize to establish smart chatbots, despite their technical expertise. Chatbots may be quickly integrated into your webpages, social networking sites, Microsoft Teams, and other business applications using prebuilt adapters included with Power Virtual Agents.

Browse and retrieve records, customize interactions with natural language comprehension, and transmit talks to live agents. Power Automate allows you to design new processes or utilize prebuilt connections to interface with back-end systems and services. You may design chatbots based on subjects and leverage AI-driven insights to enhance chatbot efficiency. This allows you to give the maximum possible experience to your consumers.

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Features of Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Build advanced and powerful chatbots without needing programmers or data scientists by utilizing a guided, no-code graphical interface.

Interconnect Power Virtual Agents with the goods and services you utilize daily by leveraging hundreds of prebuilt connectors, implementing customized processes with Power Automate, or constructing complicated situations with Microsoft Bot Framework.


Analyze and continually enhance chatbot efficiency with AI- and data-driven insights in an easy-to-read dashboard.


Advantages of Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Advantages of Microsoft Power Virtual Agents
  • Effectively Build Virtual Agents Using your Teams
  • Minimize Operations support Cost
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction and Position
  • Monitor and Enhance Efficiency and Reliability
  • Interact and Manage Your Chatbots
  • Azure Encompasses THE Potential Of Virtual Agents

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