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With Microsoft Power Apps, you can rapidly create and distribute low-code apps.

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Enhance Business Operations with Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is a low or no-code application development platform that helps organizations enhance flexibility by fastly developing low code apps that improve procedures and focus on solving complex problems.

  • Utilizing pre-built layouts, strengthen your team to continue developing and deploying apps right away.
  • Offer everyone the ability to create complex apps with pre-built AI features.
  • Offer solutions for professional developers to effortlessly enhance app functionality using Azure Functions and custom connections to commercial or on-premises systems.
Microsoft Power Apps

The architecture of Microsoft
Power Apps

Create applications without any programming knowledge.

Utilize layouts or build your own design.

Share your applications with everyone.

The application is generated automatically.

Fresh data is safely collected.

To be used on the website or on smartphones.

Unique features ‚ÄčOf Microsoft
Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps enables clients to design model-driven apps that meet their specific requirements as a cloud-based development kit.

AI Architect

Use Microsoft intelligent services to forecast and engage, from interactive image analysis to thoughtful form analysis.

Comprehensive Integration

With over 200 connections, Power apps can link with cloud and on-premise applications.

Data Services

Microsoft's Standard Data Service, embedded explicitly into PowerApps, transforms it into a robust platform for integrating all of its clients' business data and creating new apps.

Low Coding

Professional developers experiment with custom code that makes it more personalized, from simple drag-and-drop features to model-driven apps.

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Benefits of Microsoft Power Apps

Business Benefits of Microsoft Power Apps

Utilizing Power Apps, you can automate your operations and overcome business issues. The Advantages of Using Power Apps

  • Eliminating Business Issues
  • Laptop/Desktop/Smartphone Accessibility
  • No Coding needed
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Microsoft Tool Integration
  • Safe and Secure

Why Choose Dynamics Stream
Software Solutions?

We assist you in determining the scope of your Microsoft PowerApps applications and deliver strategic and professional support.

Microsoft Power Apps allows you to develop low-code apps to respond to evolving business environments and promote growth.

Dynamics Stream believes in creating offline apps with PowerApps that allow you to interact even with limited connectivity.

You can rely on us to create customized connectors to integrate your current cloud apps, data, and devices.

We develop and deploy PowerApps products in line with your business needs.

Utilize Power Apps to their maximum potential by connecting them with Salesforce, SharePoint, and other Microsoft applications.

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