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Transform Customer Experience by Utilizing Dynamics 365 Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is an automated marketing solution that simplifies marketing activities, increases sales prospects, and increases customer acquisition skills. You may turn your customers into repeat customers by providing them with unique shopping experiences.

Dynamics Stream is a Microsoft solution provider that may assist your organization with ERP integration in marketing to have a greater knowledge of your customers. It will empower SMBs in carrying out multi-channel marketing initiatives while maintaining client demands in mind. This marketing software solution works in combination with sales solutions to generate leads and attract new consumers. Our team offers both on-premise and cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing solutions.

Dynamics 365 Marketing Solution

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What makes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing appealing?


Identify and Promote Leads

  • Launch Multi-Channel Marketing to Engage the Targeted Customer.Utilizing automated processes like email marketing, website landing pages, seminars, telemarketing, SMS integration, LinkedIn integration, and other customizable platforms, you may promote marketing strategies across a variety of channels while concentrating exclusively on a particular audience.
  • Utilizing customer journeys, you can customize customer interactions depending on engagement and expectations. To efficiently integrate and handle LinkedIn leads, you may also use the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.
  • Utilize Microsoft Power Automate to expedite the production of marketing assets. Integrating third-party content management solutions simplifies the approval process for a material. It also has flexible content chunks and design tools.

Optimize Sales and Marketing

  • To provide accurate results throughout the buyer's journey, create a unique image of the consumer and combine data from contacts, prospects, and customers.
  • Your sales and marketing teams will be more effective at generating and converting leads if you use account-based marketing. Optimize a buyer's journey with tailored content to maximize revenue collection.
  • Opportunities should be monitored across all touch points to deliver marketing qualifying leads and empower follow-ups.
  • Enhance efficiency by assisting your sales and marketing teams in seamlessly coordinating with pre-built processes that effectively transfer off sales-ready leads and generate follow-ups.
  • Improve communication between sales and marketing teams by using shared calendars and providing cross-team insight into campaigns and leads.

Expand with a Flexible Platform

  • Configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing depending on your company's needs with features like no-code visual editors, which empower you to quickly design and launch online and mobile apps.
  • Integrate data from other Microsoft Dynamics 365 and third-party apps in an effortless method. You may also use the designed workflows to simplify procedures and develop new processes depending on your requirements.
  • Improve your business campaigns by partitioning your target demographic depending on their customer experience details.
  • Integrate data from other Microsoft Dynamics 365 and third-party apps in an effortless method. You may also use the designed workflows to simplify procedures and develop new processes depending on your requirements.
  • The market worldwide while conforming to all global privacy and trust regulations. Request, collect, and retain authorization while automating your marketing actions depending on your audience's consent.

Develop Effective Decisions

  • Acquire marketing insights and maximize your ROI with prebuilt dashboards and marketing analyzers.


  • Integrate and distribute information across all of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, to empower you to make smart choices based on reliable data.


  • Utilizing analytical data, you can target the proper audience and discover the highest priority prospects.


  • Utilizing different lead scoring models, A/B testing for emails, and smart scheduling, you can concentrate your activities in the appropriate direction.

Benefits Of Dynamics 365 Marketing

Campaigns may be established using a variety of channels, innovative layouts, and design tools to produce customized emails, landing pages, and lead collecting forms. There are additional options for social media campaigns and SMS marketing. The existence of a CRM connection with Marketing empowers you to organize your campaigns for leads and sales.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing includes Dynamics 365 for Customer Insight, an Azure-based solution that displays data as heat maps. Marketing is more than just launching a campaign; it is also about analyzing how well it performed. Dynamics 365 for Marketing allows you to measure, evaluate, and study data to develop new marketing strategies.


Lead generation is the goal of a marketing effort. Dynamics 365 for Marketing has a lead generation solution that monitors, analyses, and provides qualified leads.


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