Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

Your manufacturing success factor will be based on the quality of investments you will make today !

Back in the days, the concept of optimizing productivity and enhance the customer satisfaction was totally ignored and used to be considered endeavours. But in this transformed world today, these assumptions are disrupted due to the convergence of digital and physical trends. Today the manufacturers are more concerned about digital transformed physical system, that can enhance visibility with extra flexibility and efficiency and at the same time being cost effective.

This is just a start! Now digitalization is amending the fundamentals of the fact the way manufacturers do their businesses, they relate to their customers throughout the product lifecycle from design to field service. The new mindset makes them promote their value-added services to complement the sales that helps them strengthens their relationships with the customers. And their services are being delivered using the transformed technology and it combines the eyes of the technician based in the field with the sight of an expert sitting in the office.

Imagine your business transformed

Microsoft vision of supporting the digital manufacturing takes the process in a total new biosphere. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a solution for the manufacturers that delivers a very flexible and unified approach across the production floor process and front office. The transformation is enabled in six ways:

The Microsoft vision for supporting digital manufacturing embraces the seismic shifts in the industry today. We’ve created solutions that provide a unified and flexible approach across front office and production floor processes. Our approach enables transformation in SIX ways:

  1. Improve supply chain operations with optimized collaboration and visibility
  2. Empower the management of Products, assets and production
  3. Engage your customer with new powerful ways
  4. Convert your services into profits
  5. Be innovative and have competitive edge
  6. Empower employees to work more effectively

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