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Delivers Flexibility, Competence, and Digitization to your Financial and Operational Procedures

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is a cloud-based modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution originally developed for large and diverse organizations. It enables you to monitor your entire financial and inventory situation. Accounting, financial management, production, sophisticated warehousing, and transportation management are all covered. Although most users, analysts, and experts still referred to it as Finance & Operations, Microsoft now distributes it as two separate apps. Depending on your company needs, the 2-app license allows you to select whether individual users have access to one or both applications. Your Dynamics 365 partner can assist you in determining the best licensing configuration for your needs.


Organizations are shifting away from Complex integrated ERP systems, which take too long to integrate, are too complicated, and are challenging to modernize and manage. They are migrating to customizable and advanced ERP platforms, which allow them to organize their businesses more intelligently and easily in the digital transformation era. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is Microsoft's ERP solution for integrating financials and business operations across finance, production, distribution network, warehouse, inventory, and transportation management with an intellectual and interactive user interface for operating a game-changing, advanced enterprise on a global scale.

Finance & Operations

A cloud-based ERP solution that is ideal for large or diversified enterprises. With D365 F&O, you can increase financial visibility and profitability.

Supply Chain Management

Establish a stable supply chain. Optimize business continuity by implementing flexible distribution and manufacturing processes in the cloud and at the edge.

Business Central

Enhance your business by adopting MS D365 Business Central. All-in-one business management solution for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Project Operations

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations, you can increase project productivity and profitability. D365 Project Operations is powerful on its own.

Human Resource

Dynamics 365 Human Resources is an ERP solution that assists in the management and streamlining of HR procedures. You can enhance your HR operations with D365 HR.


Microsoft Azure is a cloud technology that offers businesses the solutions they need to create a dynamic, adaptable, and connected corporation.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations empowers organizations to operate their financial operations more efficiently and quickly. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is a modern business solution that allows enterprises to examine all their financial data in one place.Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations consultants can modify and integrate numerous applications to meet your specific company needs.

D365 Finance and Operations can help you streamline your company procedures

D365 Finance and Operations can be integrated with any third-party software or eCommerce platform

Consult with our D365 Finance and Operations specialists to make an intelligent choice.

We customize D365 Finance and Operations to your specific requirements.

We handle your company's unpredictable software difficulties so you can relax.

Migration from old ERP to D365 Finance and Operations is simple and painless

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